Weatherstrips & Door Thresholds Information

How to Specify

No. 1057 Wall Mounts are recommended whenever possible. They require 5 inches of wall space above the door for mounting. Wall mounts provide an overlap at each edge of the door.

No. 1058 Header Mounts are used where a permanent door or other obstacle prohibits the use of wall mount. The header mount will be cut to any length as ordered.

Door size
Height and width dimensions should be measured inside the door frame.

Wall mount doors are supplied in 1-foot increments. Door sizes will be rounded to the next higher increment.

Header mounts will be cut to the length ordered and enough strips will be supplied to cover the next larger door size.

Strips will be cut to length to fit the door size and style of mount ordered.

Strip doors will not totally restrain strong winds or eliminate drafts due to negative pressure conditions. They will reduce air movement which in turn reduces windy conditions and the loss of temperature controlled air.

Strip size
No. 1060 8" wide by 0.80" thick strips are recommended for interior doors up to 10 feet high where there are light drafts and small temperature differences.

No. 1061 12" wide by 0.12" strips are recommended for interior or exterior doors up to 14 feet high where there are light winds and larger temperature differences.

Standard overlap provides a partial overlap at the edge of each strip. This design is recommended for areas of light drafts and small temperature differences and for easier passage of people.

Material Finishes
Aluminum extrusions shown are alloy 6063-T5. They are available in mill finish, clear, gold and duranodic dark bronze finish as noted.

Bronze extrusions are alloy 385 architectural bronze. They are furnished in mill finish, which is a light brass color. Another color option is antique bronze finish, which is similar to US10b.

Spring bonus weatherstrips are roll-formed 90/10 commercial bronze strip.

All vinyl weatherstrips are extruded from "cold weather" vinyl, which remains flexible down to -30°F and is in compliance with commercial standard CS230-60, as published by the U.S. Department of Commerce and ASTM D-2287-81.

Polyurethane is an ether-based elastomeric, thermoplastic resin, especially developed for low temperature flexibility, abrasion resistance and durability.

Sound Insulation
Reese Enterprises, Inc. offers a variety of proven soundproofing door seals. Used in conjunction with sound rated doors, they provide the sound reduction required. Our door seals are given a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating. The higher the rating, the greater the sound insulation properties.

How-to Install

All self-adhesive weatherstrips must be applied on clean, dry frams between 50°F and 100°F, with end use temperatures between -30°F to 140°F.



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